Search for the Buried Bomber

Search for the Buried Bomber

Dark Prospects Book 1 |Mystery & Thriller

Translator:Gabriel Ascher
Publisher: AmazonCrossing
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It was during the years of red madness that we, the elite of New China’s first batch of geological prospectors, were dispatched on a top-secret, national-level assignment, thereby dodging the great catastrophe that was the Cultural Revolution. We were packed into army trucks and jolted through the dark recesses of a vast virgin forest, until at last we arrived at a hidden Japanese military outpost, long since abandoned.

A “Zero Film,” made for the heads of the Central Committee and of the utmost secrecy, appeared before our eyes, and we were forced to swear an oath that we would never reveal what we were about to see. The film was unbelievably strange. In it we were shown the image of a Japanese bomber, somehow embedded in the rock strata 3,600 feet underground. For what possible reason had the devils transported an entire plane to such a depth?

Old Cat, one of my companions, said that there was much that our superiors weren’t telling us: already another prospecting team had been here. Still, we had no choice but to continue…through the fields of gunnysacks stuffed with bound corpses, past the submerged cages where prisoners were held, seized by things unknown in the water. A madwoman appeared suddenly from out of the darkness; a note, its origins mysterious, warned me to “Beware of Pei Qing.” But before we had time to react, the underground river rose up and swept everything away…

Who would survive? And this was only the beginning…

Vividly written by Xu Lei, storytelling novelist supreme, as a first-person “record of actual events,” this Chinese-style X-Files depicts an adventure in the most incredible underground world, a place beyond anything you could imagine. It is an unputdownable classic, and was China’s most spectacular suspense novel of 2010.

In China, author Xu Lei’s fans are legion: over 1 million people subscribe to his microblog, and the online serializations of his novels have received more than 28 million hits.


The Lost Tomb

The Lost Tomb, (Adapted from the mystery series The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles by Xu Lei) recently brought it’s poster to The Cannes Film Festival. The first film of the 8-pic movie series, Cavern of the Blood Zombies will be casted in 2015, and go public in the summer of 2016 globally.


Xu Lei

Born in 1982, Xu Lei now lives in Hangzhou, the most beautiful city in China. To his Chinese fans, he is better known by his pen name: Nanpai Sanshu. Originally engaged in international commerce, he once ran a foreign trade enterprise, and his days were filled with negotiating with American clients over every little thing. In his spare time he loved to read horror and suspense novels. Bored after having consumed nearly all of the good books in those two genres, he decided to write his own suspense serial: The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles. To his great surprise, he turned famous overnight, becoming China’s most popular suspense novelist. Nanpai Sanshu, or “Uncle Three,” is the name of a character from The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles, and that Xu Lei chose it as his pen name both demonstrates the connection he has to his work and the free and easy way in which he writes.

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